Unity® Connect

It’s All About Choices!

Available on the iPad

The Unity Connect Reader Application is available for the iPad! Now you can use the powerful Unity® language system on your PRC communication device and on an iPad. Unity is a language system used by thousands of clients around the world to enable independent communication for people with disabilities.

The Unity Connect iShare PRC™ conversion tool is available by subscription on the iSharePRC™ website. Use the Unity Connect conversion tool to convert the vocabulary in your PRC communication device and download it into the Unity Connect Reader Application on your iPad. While the Unity Connect Reader Application allows you to make changes to your vocabulary, those changes cannot be transferred back to the PRC device.

Designed to Meet a Wide Range of Communication Needs

Unity Connect is designed to meet the communication needs of individuals with speech disorders and other developmental disabilities who can utilize direct access methods.

The Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

One of the roles of a professional speech-language pathologist (SLP) is to ensure effective communication in children with speech/language disorders (see asha.org). SLPs are vital to diagnosing an individual’s specific speech or language difficulty and providing effective treatment.

SLPs have been trained in typical and atypical language development, and many have specific knowledge about AAC.

At PRC, our goal is to ensure that every individual has access to effective communication through AAC. We know from years of working with parents and therapists that this goal can best be met in a team environment where the language specialist is an SLP and he/she helps guide the teachers and parents in vocabulary selection and implementation.

To find a SLP in your area, please see our Consultant listing at www.prentrom.com.

We realize that not every family has access to an SLP, and not every SLP has adequate training and experience in AAC. To this end, we also provide extensive teaching resources on our website. These resources include videos, webinars, and email support to assist parents, SLPs and teachers in making the best decisions for the individual using Unity®.

Language Development

The Unity Connect iShare PRC conversion tool will support existing PRC device vocabularies from the Vanguard™, Vantage Lite™, ECO™2 and NuVoice™ software platforms. You can now convert any existing vocabulary overlay from 4 location up to and including the 144 vocabulary overlay.

Committed to Client Success

Achieving communication success is a process. The Unity language system combines 45 years of clinical AAC experience and support. More than 10,000 parents, caregivers, teachers and clinicians have been trained worldwide. Significant gains in communication ability have been witnessed and documented. Vocabulary Builder™, Word Finder™ and Word Prediction are also included in Unity Connect to make learning easier.

Getting Started

You must be a PRC device user who wishes to convert your existing PRC device vocabulary to an iPad using Unity Connect.

Download the free Unity Connect Reader Application from the App Store.

Subscribe to the Unity Connect iSharePRC conversion tool on the iSharePRC website. This tool will allow you to convert existing PRC device vocabulary into a format that can be imported into the Unity Connect Reader Application. PRC device vocabulary files will not work in the reader application without first being converted via the conversion tool available on iShare PRC.