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Conversion Tool

User Guide

Copy a WFL vocabulary file to iSharePRC

  1. From the LAMP Words For Life™ application, Tap the Vocab icon
  2. Tap Choose New Vocab
  3. Tap the Menu icon
  4. Tap iSharePRC™
  5. You are now prompted to login to iSharePRC. Enter your PRC or iSharePRC email address and Password
  6. Tap Login to iSharePRC. Enter your user credentials from your iSharePRC account or other PRC account and tap Login. A login successful prompt will now display.
  7. Tap Okay
  8. Tap the folder labeled Files
  9. Tap the + (Plus) icon to gain access to the vocabulary files in the Words for Life application
  10. Tap the vocabulary file name that you would like to convert
  11. Enter details about the file that you would like to save such as the name and description. You are also required to enter a keyword (s) in the Keywords field.
  12. Tap Upload. The uploading file window and progress bar now displays on the screen