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Conversion Tool

User Guide

Download converted vocabulary to the LAMP WFL application

  1. From the LAMP WFL application, Tap the Vocab icon
  2. Tap Choose New Vocab.
  3. Tap the Menu icon
  4. Tap iSharePRC. You are now prompted to login to iSharePRC.
  5. Tap Login to iSharePRC. Enter your user credentials from your iSharePRC account or other PRC account and tap Login. A login successful prompt will now display.
  6. Tap Okay.
  7. Tap the folder labeled Files.
  8. Select the file you wish to download.
  9. Tap Download. The downloading file window and progress bar now displays on the screen. The system will alert you when the download is complete.
  10. Tap Okay.
  11. Tap iSharePRC, Done to exit the iSharePRC window. The downloaded file should now display in the application vocabulary window.

Remember that iSharePRC will allow you to share your back-up your vocabulary files and share with other team members with its built-in secure file sharing capabilities.