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Conversion Tool

User Guide

Convert a Vocabulary File

Download Selected LAMP vocabulary file from the Accent

  1. Insert your flash drive into a USB port.
  2. Select Tools, and then Toolbox.
  3. Select Transfer Memory Menu.
  4. Select Save One User Area and then the user area you want to back up or Save Entire Device Contents.
  5. Make sure the pre-set folder is a USB drive. If so, select OK. If not, select Choose different folder and navigate to the USB drive. Then select OK. Type the file name and date (xx-xx-xx).
  6. Select OK and wait for the memory transfer to complete. Select OK, OK, and then Go to Home.

Upload File to iShare
  1. Move the flash drive containing the LAMP vocabulary file from your device to your computer.
  2. Go to the iSharePRC™ website on your computer.
  3. Enter your email address and password and select Login.
  4. Select Add a File. Enter the title of your file and a description if you’d like.
  5. Click Choose File and select the file you just saved from your device.
  6. Select Upload File.
  7. Click Convert Vocabulary.
  8. The conversion will begin. Although the file is being converted, the original vocabulary file still resides in your device and will not be modified. A message displays on the screen alerting you that the system will notify you via email once the conversion is complete. The email will be sent to the account used to log in to iSharePRC.
  9. Once the “conversion complete” email is received, you will see the converted file on iSharePRC™ and access it through the LAMP Words for Life app, iSharePRC folder. iSharePRC maintains the original un-converted file so that you may have access to both the original and the newly converted file. The converted file can be identified with a “Converted” tag next to the Details icon.