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About the LAMP Words for Life® App

LAMP Words for Life is designed to meet the communication needs of children with autism. It combines the power of PRC’s Unity® language system and Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP™), a proven-therapeutic approach that uses consistent motor plans for accessing vocabulary.

The app is appropriate for beginning communicators who are just learning that they can affect those around them to skilled communicators with advanced language skills. It features structured language and includes three vocabulary files and features within the app to support language development from the current skill level throughout their life.



  • One Motor Pattern per Word allows for the development of quick effortless communication
  • Vocabulary Builder shows only targeted words to limit distractions and increase success.
  • Word Finder shows the location where a word is stored
  • High quality Ivona text-to-speech voices and ability to add Acapela voices or create a unique voice from The VoiceKeeper.

Though the iPad is an accessible and intuitive tool, teaching language is a much more complex process. The tutorial videos and implementation courses provided on aacapps.com will offer some direction as you teach language using the LAMP app but are not a substitute for guidance by a speech language pathologist skilled in the implementation of AAC. The Center for AAC & Autism also provides on-site trainings for parents and professionals looking to develop their implementation skills.

Structured Language Development

There are three vocabulary files as well as features within the app to support language development and provide words for life. The app is symbol based for those who are not yet literate, but the symbols are paired with text to support literacy development.

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Core words are those that are most frequently used in speech and can be used in a variety of settings and activities. 1-Hit is an introductory level where 83 core words are only one touch away. This allows for quick reinforcement of the learner’s initial communications.

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The transition level introduces a second button press, building on the 83 core words from the Introductory Level. It adds vocabulary encompassing all the words on several early words lists like the Dolch and Banajee lists. This level allows for the learning of motor patterns without the visual distractions of the full vocabulary file.

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Full Vocabulary

The Full Vocabulary includes more than 3,000 words and allows for the customization of personalized vocabulary such as names, favorite foods, and favorite places. It gives the child access to verb forms and word endings such as +s, +er, and +est. Adding new forms of existing words to the core vocabulary minimizes the time spent customizing, making vocabulary expansion more efficient for parents, teachers and therapists. The consistent location of core words allows teachers to become familiar and fluent with the vocabulary structure supporting their ability to teach and model language to multiple students.

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One Motor Pattern per Word

Using consistent motor patterns to say words allows for the development of quick effortless communication in typically developing children through the pairing of a motor pattern, the sound that motor pattern produces, and the reaction they get from the environment. LAMP presents vocabulary in the same manner so those language connections can be developed.

When using verbal speech, there is only one motor movement of the mouth for each spoken word no matter how that word is used. Because the LAMP approach recommends using only one motor pattern per word, LAMP Words for Life features the Duplicate Word tool.

When trying to add a word that has already been stored on the device, the Duplicate Word tool will appear to let you know that word is already available.

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Vocabulary Builder™

When teaching words to beginning communicators, it is helpful to limit distractions and increase successful attempts. LAMP Words For Life includes Vocabulary Builder that lets you show all of the targeted words from the word list without the distraction of the remaining vocabulary. Vocabulary Builder allows for quick changes so that targeted words can be adjusted based on the immediate interest of the learner. Vocabulary Builder supports creation of custom words lists and lets you save them for later retrieval.

The picture below shows how the screen looks when Vocabulary Builder uses a list that includes only the words mine, more, go, eat and drink. The display is simplified and distractions are removed but the target words are in the same location so that motor patterns are consistent.

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Word Finder™

Word Finder helps you learn the location where a word is stored. For example, if you want to teach the word “thirsty” but you don’t know where to find it, use the Word Finder tool to type in the word to see where it’s located.

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LAMP Words for Life® — Spanish/English

LAMP Words for Life – Spanish/English is designed specifically for those building communication skills in a bilingual environment. Bilingual Spanish-English speakers and monolingual Spanish speakers learning English will gain the most from this research-based program.

The English system is mirrored by Spanish vocabulary in single-hit and sequenced configurations, with the communicator quickly toggling between words in Spanish and English while maintaining a consistent motor plan, accelerating learning in both languages.

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