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LAMP Words for Life®

A Full Vocabulary AAC Language App

Available on the iPad

The LAMP Words for Life app, based on the Unity® language system, is now available on the iPad in the United States and Canada. Unity is a language system used by thousands of clients around the world to enable independent communication for people with disabilities.

New! LAMP Words for Life - Spanish/English is now available as part of the LAMP Words for Life app that comes standard on PRC’s tablet-based PRiO device, and is also available for download in the Apple iTunes Store. Learn more

Designed to Meet the Communication Needs of Children with Autism

LAMP Words for Life is designed to meet the communication needs of children with autism. Furthermore, it was created to use in conjunction with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP), a proven-therapeutic approach that uses consistent motor plans for accessing vocabulary.

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The Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

One of the roles of a professional speech-language pathologist (SLP) is to ensure effective communication in children with speech/language disorders (see asha.org). For children on the autism spectrum, SLPs are vital to diagnosing the specific type of speech or language difficulty that your child has, as well as providing effective treatment specific to that difficulty.

Although parents certainly know their children best, SLPs have been trained in typical and atypical language development, and many have specific knowledge about AAC.

At the Center for AAC and Autism, our goal is that your child has access to effective communication through AAC. We know from years of working with parents and therapists that this goal can best be met in a team environment where the language specialist is the SLP and he/ she helps guide the teachers and parents in vocabulary selection and implementation.

To find an SLP in your area who is highly skilled in the LAMP method, please see our listing of LAMP Certified Professionals.

We also realize that not every family will have access to an SLP, and that there are SLPs reading this who don’t feel they have adequate experience in AAC. To this end, you will find LOTS of teaching resources on our website. These include videos, webinars, and email support to assist parents, SLPs and teachers make the best decisions for their children using LAMP Words for Life.

Language Development

LAMP Words for Life is structured to enable early success and allow the client’s vocabulary and communication skills to grow in a way that doesn’t require re-learning along the way. Because this is a pre-programmed vocabulary program, Words for Life doesn’t require extensive customization.

Committed to Client Success

We know achieving communication success is a process that involves much more than an app. The LAMP Words for Life app combines 45 years of PRC experience with the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) approach. LAMP is a therapeutic approach based on neurological and motor learning principles as well as clinical experiences to address the language development and communication needs of children with autism or other developmental disabilities. It provides a consistent motor pattern for words and a systematic way to develop communication skills allowing for unlimited language growth opportunities. More than 10,000 parents, caregivers, teachers, and clinicians have been trained worldwide and significant gains in communication ability have been witnessed and documented. We’ve included in our app software supports such as Vocabulary Builder™ and Word Finder™ to make learning and supporting the app easier.

Collaborate with Others

iSharePRC™ is a quick and convenient way to back up your vocabulary file from the LAMP Words for Life app and share with your team. If you own a PRC device you can use iSharePRC to convert your personalized LAMP vocabulary to a format that can be used in the LAMP Words For Life™ App on the iPad.